Henry Golding and Wife Liv Lo Golding Welcome Their First Baby Together

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Henry Golding is a dad. The "Crazy Rich Asians" star and his wife, Liv Lo Golding, have welcomed their first child together.

Liv announced the news on Instagram on Monday, April 5, revealing that their little one was born last week. "On March 31st our lives changed forever," the blogger wrote, without sharing the baby's name or sex.

She's taking maternity leave for 40 days, meaning she'll be mostly offline in the meantime. As Liv wrote, "I'll prob be up during midnight breastfeeds checking in on you, but otherwise 'I'll be back' xx."

Henry later posted a black-and-white photo of the trio huddled around a bed, with his baby's head out of focus. The 34 year old gushed of his wife, "This woman right here. Beyond anything I could have ever imagined. Your strength brought us our greatest joy. Thank you, I love you."

He previously spoke to Us Weekly in February about becoming a father. At the time, the "The Gentleman" actor said, "I want to be one of those cool dads."

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Henry added, "It's harder than it sounds. I think, I'm sure your kids go through phases of you being that greatest hero, to the most embarrassing human in their eyes. So I look forward to living out all of those. I want to be the guy sort of dressing up in weird outfits and picking them up from school and embarrassing them, like, continuously."

The heartthrob also explained why the couple isn't keen to spill any details about their baby right away.

"We know the sex. We're keeping it on the down-low. We've got a name sort of rattling around, which I think it's only fair that... my wife, she thinks that the baby should actually hear the name first," Henry told the outlet. "So, we've been trying to hold out on telling anyone."

He said they had the nursery all ready to go, but they know there will be a learning curve as new parents. "I think you have to learn on the fly in some respects. It's a marathon. So we're going to take it easy. We've got some great people around us who's going to give us some good advice," he shared.

Liv created a blog post to give insight into her maternity leave and her state of mind before giving birth. "As I write this at 39 weeks I am feeling incredibly blessed," she said. "To be here, sitting alone (perhaps for the last time for the next 10 years), and writing to you already 1 cm dilated and patiently waiting for my miracle to arrive Earthside."

The fitness instructor, who married Henry in 2016, wrote, "Even as a first-time mom I understand that when a child comes into your life everything changes. Even if I am not able to grasp the concept in its entirety - being consistently tired and healing your body will happen. While it's impossible to know exactly how much time you will need to adjust and heal, the consideration of maternity leave calls to question how much space you can give yourself."

Since she lives in Los Angeles without immediate family nearby, she reflected on the necessary steps she will take to "unwind," including her favorite self-care techniques such as acupuncture, massages, herbal baths, teas, essential oils and meditation.

On March 2, Liv shared pictures of the couple at her mini baby shower to celebrate her pregnancy. "I feel like I have had a graduation party for becoming a mother!" she captioned their photoshoot. "With a special blessing, lots of flowers, and love I am ready for this journey... Can't wait for Baby G(olding)!"

They took a babymoon trip to Big Bear Lake, Calif., in December. "Final adventure as you and I," the mama wrote alongside a snowy selfie of the spouses.

Henry revealed their pregnancy news the month prior, in November, by posting a giddy picture of himself pointing to her growing bump. "2021 is already looking brighter," the "A Simple Favor" actor captioned the moment.

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