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The Best of 'SNL' – Sans Trump

Check out the strongest non-political skits in a season dominated by a president like no other.



    The Best of 'SNL' – Sans Trump
    Lin Manuel Miranda starred in a standoit "SNL" short: "Diego Calls His Mom."

    President Trump, who is no longer a "Saturday Night Live" fan, judging from his tweets, reportedly won’t be making a return appearance anytime soon.

    But his rise shadows the program, from Alec Baldwin's withering Trump imitation to Melissa McCarthy's Sean Spicer-inspired antics to most of "Weekend Update."

    Still, it wasn’t quite all Trump, all the time for “SNL,” which caps its most-watched run in more than two decades this weekend. Here are the some of the best non-political skits from what otherwise proved the Season of Trump:

    Elevated Humor

    Tom Hanks' turn as Trump fan Doug on "Black Jeopardy!" marked the smartest political sketch of the season. But his haunted elevator ride as the more-annoying-than-frightening David S. Pumpkins gave the show a meme-friendly breakout character.

    Deep Thoughts

    "SNL" commercial parodies have been a franchise staple since the "New Dad" insurance short aired on the first episode nearly 42 years ago. Consider this season's ad for Fisher-Price’s “Wells for Boys” from its Sensitive Boys line the contemplative grandchild of “New Dad.”

    Echoes of Age

    Jokes about old folks and new, expensive gadgets might come off as a cheap shot. But this bit about senior citizens grappling with Amazon’s Alexa sports enough affection to wipe away any guilt about laughing at Grandma and Grandpa.

    Tough Call

    While this so this digital short starring guest host Lin Manuel Miranda as a Latino immigrant in North Dakota calling home doesn’t mention Trump, some will see political overtones. It’s also less a knee-slapper than a source of gentle laughs, via the immigrant’s wide-eyed reports about enjoying “marshmallow salad” and “Twinkies de Hostess.” But “Diego Calls His Mom” is memorable – for its sweet take on a slice of life and its shift in tone from the usual broad “SNL” fare in a season like no other.

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