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Steven Spielberg Pulls the Plug on "Robopocalypse"

DreamWorks confirms that the script wasn't ready to head into production.



    Steven Spielberg Pulls the Plug on "Robopocalypse"
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    Director Steven Spielberg

    "Robopocalypse" appears to have suffered a system failure in the development stage.

    Steven Spielberg's planned big-screen adaptation of the Daniel H. Wilson's bestselling sci-fi novel has been postponed indefinitely, DreamWorks confirmed Wednesday to E! News.

    So, what happened? Spielberg had originally intended "Robopocalypse" to be his next project after "War Horse," but in case you hadn't noticed, he ended up focusing on a little film called "Lincoln" instead.

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    According to the filmmaker's camp, the script was not ready, the production promised to be too expensive and they're currently reconsidering their options as to how to make the novel a reality.

    And by reality, we mean movie.

    Drew Goddard, whose film and TV credits include "Cloverfield," "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and "Lost," had been tasked with the Robopocalypse screenplay. Chris Hemsworth and Anne Hathaway had reportedly been in talks to star in the humans-take-on-the-robots-in-a-post-apocalyptic-society thriller.

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