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Tina Fey: I Was a 24-Year-Old Virgin, Not By Choice

Comedienne tells Letterman she couldn't "give it away"



    Tina Fey: I Was a 24-Year-Old Virgin, Not By Choice
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    Tina Fey found it hard to give up her "30 Rock."

    Tina Fey said it wasn't her fault she was a 24-year-old virgin -- she just "couldn’t give it away."

    The star of NBC’s “30 Rock” dished the (not so) juicy goods of her sexual history while appearing on David Letterman Wednesday to promote her Emmy-winning show’s fourth season premiere episode tonight.

    As Letterman read from an Us magazine list of other famous abstainers through their 20s -- Brazilian underwear model Adriana Lima, 27; Coldplay crooner Chris Martin, 22; actress and model Brook Shields, also 22 – the "Late Show" host stopped on Fey’s name.

    “All these other people, that was a choice on their part,” Fey explained. “That one lady (Lima) is a Victoria’s Secret model. She made a choice.”

    Letterman said Fey had no reason to be embarrassed, especially since she sealed the deal with the person who would become her daughter's father.

    “That’s just good, Christian values,” Fey conceded. “Or, being homely.”

    Earlier in the interview, Dave pointed to a copy of Bazaar magazine with Fey on the cover.

    No surprise – the comedienne made light of her glamorous appearance, which she attributed to hair extensions, a wind machine and "gay magic."

    “You start thinking like yeah, I look like this,” she said. “Then as soon as they turn that wind machine off, I turn around I look like (reality star) Michelle Duggar. I look like that lady with the 19 kids, just long hair, happy to be out.”

    Of course, Duggar’s 19th child is still on the way, but point taken.

    We just don't believe it.