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Tidbits: Woods Feared He was Wanted for Fame



    Make your Summer Getaway a Win
    Woods won't lose the PGA on the greens, he'd lose it off the tee. That has been his Achilles' heel of late, but he's not only after his 15th major title, he's back for redemption for what happened in 2002.

    He’s accused of juggling multiple mistresses, but if recently revealed e-mail excerpts are to be believed, Tiger Woods’ biggest worry wasn’t getting caught. It was whether or not one of his alleged other women only wanted him for his fame.

    According to In Touch Weekly, Woods’ e-mail correspondence with Rachel Uchitel, the first in a now-long line of ladies linked to the golf great, quickly went from lovey-dovey talk about their special connection to full-on suspicion.

    “I don’t know if this is going to work,” Woods is said to have written. “I thought I was getting to know you, but it feels like I’m just another person who happens to be famous. Every time I think about it, I get a lump in my throat. … I don’t know what person I was falling for so hard. The one I got to know on the phone, e-mail, text and in person. Or the one who likes famous people. I am so confused, because what my brain is saying and what my heart is saying are two different things. … It guts me to think I’ve fallen for the wrong one.”

    Well, at least it looks like he may have had a back-up plan — or 12.

    Rihanna admits she prefers ‘high-risk’ men
    One might think Rihanna would welcome a drama-free relationship after her romance with Chris Brown came to such an abrupt and violent end. But one would be wrong.

    When Glamour U.K. asked the singer what she looks for in a man, she made one thing clear — no nice guys.

    “Definitely the high-risk (type),” the Grammy winner said. “I don't like cream puff, corny guys. Usually they are the nice guys, the ones that won't hurt you. They'll pull out the chair for you and the whole nine yards. Everything is perfect and boring … I like the risk. I like the edge. That's the thrill for me.”

    Joely Richardson recalls shock after Natasha’s death
    The tragic and untimely death of Natasha Richardson eight months ago brought about a grief Joely Richardson never imagined. In an interview with Tatler magazine, the “Nip/Tuck” actress spoke out for the first time about losing her sister.

    “I hadn't lived a day in my life without her,” Richardson revealed. “You worry about your children and your elders, but I never imagined such a thing as this. (Natasha) was a given to me. The shock shatters you on a cellular level, and it takes time for the pieces to come back together, albeit in a different formation.”

    For herself, Richardson believes it’s most important to understand that “different formation” and to adjust her expectations accordingly.

    “I don't look at happiness as being a great goal,” she admitted. “A sense of peace, definitely, but it's like the seasons. I think we're meant to have a spring, summer, autumn and winter. I'm not looking for a perpetual summer because that would be a flat line.”

    Dish on the fly
    As if talking to the press about her relationship with ex-boyfriend Jon Gosselin isn’t job enough, Hailey Glassman’s new gig has her stepping into the boxing ring as a sort-of-celebrity referee. “Hailey is a fun girl and she’s going to referee one of our upcoming girl-on-girl bouts,” Celebrity Boxing Federation promoter Damon Feldman told Radar Online. The CBF has even bigger goals for Glassman in the future. “Ideally, we would love to get her in the ring to fight someone like Kate Gosselin or one of Tiger Woods girls that would generate amazing interest.” … “Hannah Montana” star Miley Cyrus hopes for a musical hiatus once she finishes her next, and possibly last, teen-pop album. “I kind of want this to be my last record for a little while and be able to take a break and just get to all the types of music that I really love,” Cyrus explained during an appearance on Britain’s GMTV. “(I want to) be able to have something edgier and not have to worry about people saying, ‘Oh, this isn’t what her fans want to listen to.’ Because in a few years, as I grow up, so will my fans … and I’ll be able to have more of the sound of music that I’m into.” … While some celebrities seem content to play the part of super mom in public without giving behind-the-scenes helpers their due, actress Sarah Jessica Parker recently admitted just how much easier life is with a nanny. “It is the eternal conflict of every working woman,” the “Sex and the City” star told Glamour magazine of the balancing act between career and motherhood. “I am not complaining, because I’ve done this to myself. And I have a wonderful, wonderful nanny who allows me to be a working person.”

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