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Steven Tyler: 0, Internet: 1



    Steven Tyler: 0, Internet: 1
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    Trying to sue anonymous bloggers? Dream on, Steven.

    In well-what-did-you-expect legal news, Steven Tyler’s lawsuit against no one has been dismissed.

    The Aerosmith frontman alleged that anonymous bloggers impersonated him on the Web, disclosed private facts, made false statements and misappropriated his likeness. Think Fake Steve Jobs with a splash of rock ‘n’ roll.

    The problem with suing unidentified bloggers is that rarely do they show up in court, which is exactly what happened at Friday’s scheduled hearing in Los Angeles.

    So, LA Superior Court Judge Jane Johnson dismissed the suit. The dismissal is "without prejudice," meaning it can be brought back again later if the bloggers responsible are located, said Tyler's lawyer, Zia F. Modabber.

    Tyler, 61, did not know the real names of those who have impersonated him and girlfriend Erin Brady on the Web, but believed the same group was responsible for similar postings in 2007, according to his lawsuit. 

    The real kick in the pants here is that the anonymous bloggers brought Tyler’s deceased mother into the fold. Not cool, anonymous bloggers. Not cool.

    "The impersonated statements relating to (Tyler's) mother are perhaps most hurtful given that she recently passed away," according to the lawsuit.

    Tyler is also seeking a court order directing the defendants to stop impersonating him online or elsewhere.

    But again, it’s tough to get a court order against a defendant who might as well be Keyser Soze.