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Report of Paris Hilton's Ex Rebounding with Miss USA Ripped

UsMagazine saysDoug Reinhardt dating Rima Fakih; E! says no way



    The New Year’s Weekend Experience You’ll be Talking About Forever

    Miss USA is not helping former "Hills" star Doug Reinhardt get over Paris Hilton, no matter what you might have heard, says E!

    UsMagazine reported that Rima Fakih, the Michigan beauty who won the pageant on Sunday, recently began dating Reinhardt about three weeks ago.

    "They met through friends and have been talking and seeing each other," a source told the magazine. "He flew to New York City to do press [for his new show, "The Reinhardts: Family Comes First"], but knew she would be here and they would get together."

    "She's flying to L.A. to see him next week," added the source. "It's very new, but they're having a good time. She made him watch the Miss USA pageant."
    Hilton and Reinhardt split up in March or April, after dating for more than a year, according to the New York Daily News.

    A source close to Fakih told the magazine, "She's crushing on Doug, but she recently broke up with her on and off again beau."

    But E! slammed the report, saying the pair, both 24, haven't even met. The rumor is just the latest bit of PR for the newly-crowned lovely, coming days after steamy photos of her pole dancing in a radio show contest surfaced.