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Former Escort Offers Up Relationship Advice

Ashley Dupre starts an advice column



    Former Escort Offers Up Relationship Advice
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    Elliot Spitzer Ashley Dupre

    Ashley Dupre, you were a high priced escort, then brought down a governor -- what will you do next? Start a new sex and relationship column of course!

    The woman who made a name for herself for helping bring down Governor Eliot Spitzer debut "Ask Ashley," in the New York PostSunday.

    "Is your husband cheating? Is your daughter on a dangerous path? Our readers asked -- and Ashley fired back with her no-nonsense advice," read the article.

    In one question, a woman asks whether there are telltale signs that a man isn't happy in his marriage. Ashley responds by saying in part, "We all need to feel loved and appreciated. Ask yourself, when was the last time you did something to make your husband feel loved, special and appreciated . . . and if you can't remember, then that's your sign right there."

    Interesting advice -- coming from her.

    You can read more of her advice in the New York Post.