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Artwork by Kurt Cobain's Daughter Shown in L.A.



    Artwork by Kurt Cobain's Daughter Shown in L.A.

    The daughter of the ill-fated father of grunge, Frances Bean Cobain, 17, has a new show of her drawings at La Luz De Jesus Gallery in Los Angeles

    The child of Kurt Cobain and troubled rocker Courtney Love, Frances Cobain's subject matter runs from dark to grotesque in a collection of works titled "Scumf-ck."

    The show's 8 black and white drawn compositions features a series of obese and pointedly ugly charicatures, either tattooed or captioned with slogans like "life sucks" or "I don't give a sh-t," the Huffington Post reported.  The centerpiece of the collection is a portrait of punk anti-hero GG Allin, who battled a heroin addiction, like Kurt Cobain, but is revered in punk circles for rejecting commercial success.

    Frances Bean Cobain's show hangs under the pseudonym "Fiddle Tim."

    The precocious 17-year-old is legally emancipated from her mother, Courtney Love, who has famously and publicly dealt with her own substance abuse problems.

    The two have been estranged since December of 2009, reports People,  but Courtney offered her daughter's artistic venture praise via Twitter: "I think it is astonishing & considering her chemistry its a good thing.  What if she had to keep all those demons bottled up?"

    "I adore my daughter and miss her," Courtney wrote.  "But that scumf-ck stuff is cool."