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Mia Farrow Contradicts Naomi's Diamond Testimony

Actress says supermodel bragged of diamond gift from Liberian strongman



    Mia Farrow Contradicts Naomi's Diamond Testimony
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    ABUJA, NIGERIA - JULY 11: Super model Naomi Campbell and British Taylor Oswald Boateng wait to plants a Cocoa Tree in Abuja Central Park and Botanical Gardens on July 11, 2008 in Abuja, Nigeria. The tree launches 'The planting of one million trees' in the federal capital territory. The mission set by the Abuja Green Society sets out to bring the community together and raise awareness of environmental issues to make a greener city. (Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)

    Mia Farrow cast doubt on Naomi Campbell's claim she didn't know the stone Liberian strongman Charles Taylor gave her was a diamond, testifying Monday at Taylor's war crimes trial that the supermodel boasted about the gem.

    Farrow, who had attended a 1997 South African state dinner hosted by Nelson Mandela along with Campbell, music producer Quincy Jones and others, said she heard Campbell say that she had been given a "huge diamond" by Taylor.

    "She said in the night she had been awakened by men knocking at her door that said they had been sent to her by Charles Taylor, and they had given her a very huge diamond," Farrow told the court in The Hague.

    Later in the day, Campbell's former agent Carole White echoed Farrow's testimony.

    She "was very excited and she told me he was going to give her some diamonds," White told the court.

    Taylor is accused of several war crimes, but the Campbell testimony is aimed at proving he trafficked in "blood diamonds," which he traded for weapons to arm Sierra Leone rebels. Sierra Leone's bloody civil war lasted from 1992 until 2002 and left more than 100,000 dead. Taylor denies involvement in the diamond trade.

    Farrow's testimony sharply contradicted Campbell's words from the stand last week, when she said she was given "dirty pebbles," which she had no idea were diamonds.

    In court Monday, Farrow said she had seen Campbell join a group of guests at breakfast after the dinner, and that Campbell had recounted how two men had visited her room overnight, giving her a pouch of diamonds. Farrow said Campbell had then said she intended to give the diamond to the Nelson Mandela Children's Fund.

    Taylor is accused of murder, rape, sexual enslavement and recruiting child soldiers.