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Mariah Carey Talks Having Kids, Her Film Career & 'Memoirs'

Now that she has 'support system,' pop star focusing on family life.



    Mariah Carey Talks Having Kids, Her Film Career & 'Memoirs'
    Mariah Carey is thinking about having children.

    With one of the most successful careers in pop music history on her resume, is Mariah Carey thinking about expanding her personal life?

    "I'd want to be in a position to handle that as well as possible," the star told USA Today of the possibility of having children, or adopting, with husband Nick Cannon.

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    It was marrying Nick in 2008 after a whirlwind romance that helped change her priorities.

    "I wasted my time with stuff that wasn't really real, in my personal life," Mariah said. "I was always more focused on my career. But now I have this support system."

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    Still, the singer's still looking forward to her next professional projects – a role in Oscar hopeful "Precious" and a new album, "Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel."

    "There's a little bit of almost every album I've done on this new one," Mariah said of the new album, due September 29. "It's like I put everything in a blender and made drinks for my friends. They're festive drinks, though some are bittersweet. I'm at such a good place in my life, and that allows me to be honest. And to enjoy things."

    Her role in "Precious," the story of an obese teenager abused by her parents, was less festival — and far from her usual glamorous image.

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    "I was like, keep me away from every mirror!" she said. "But [director] Lee [Daniels] gave me several gifts. He gave me what I needed to get to the truth of this woman, and he gave me a certain lack of self-consciousness. Because you can't be self-conscious and look like that."

    Mariah had less positive things to say about her 2001 musical film, "Glitter," which she said "burned" her on the genre. Still, the confident diva said she might be ready to try it again.

    "It would have to be with an incredible director, someone who's really a genius," she said. "Because I've been burned by that."

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