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Jon Gosselin to Screw the Pooches

Reality dad loses best friends, Kate 2.0's affections



    Jon Gosselin to Screw the Pooches
    Jon Gosselin is losing his best friends.

    Jon Gosselin is ending his relationship with his dogs too.

    The reality show dad of eight tells E! News that his soon to be ex-wife, Kate, won’t care for the family’s two German Shepherd pups when he takes leave of the Gosselin's sprawling Pennsylvania estate.

    Rather than bring little Shoka and Nala with him on trips to his swanky Manhattan bachelor pad – or an exotic pool party in Vegas -- Gosselin said he’s decided to return the pooches to their breeder instead.

    "It's not fair to the dogs to not be wanted in their own home," he said.

    Too bad. These days Jon could use a friend to help him deal with bad news.

    The family nanny has just come forward to claim that she had a steamy affair with Jon right after his split with Kate. He was bad in bed too, Stephanie Santoro dishes.

    Now another of Jon’s gal pals says she hates the guy.

    Jilted journo Kate Major quit her reporting gig at gossip rag Star Magazine, citing a conflict of interest for falling in love with the “Jon & Kate Plus 8” star.

    She says in a new interview that she regrets the whole affair.

    "I think I was in lust with him, but no, I didn't love him," she tells HNL’s Showbiz Tonight for an upcoming interview, People reported.

    "I despise him," she adds, describing Jon the same way he now talks about Kate Gosselin.