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Adam Lambert on Johnny Weir: "He's a Trailblazer"

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    Adam Lambert on Johnny Weir: "He's a Trailblazer"
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    "Figure skating is very political and I'm a big personality." - Johnny Weir on knowing he wouldn't medal before he even stepped on the ice

    A few Canadian broadcasters might not be sold on U.S. Olympic figure skater Johnny Weir – but "American Idol" runner-up Adam Lambert is a fan of the colorful athlete.

    "I'm glad he's a trailblazer," Adam recently told Access Hollywood about the skater who placed sixth at the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics in Men's Figure Skating.

    Adam, who is known for his own outlandish performance theatrics and extravagant costumes, said he's glad to see Johnny being true to himself.

    "He's comfortable in his own skin, clearly," Adam continued. "And he's expressing himself. I think that's what art's all about."

    As for the flack that Johnny has received from some in the press, Adam said it goes with the trailblazer territory.

    "Whenever you do something that hasn't really been done…You're going to get love," Adam said, adding, "[And] you're going to get hate."

    As previously reported on, when Access Hollywood's guest correspondent Dorothy Hamill caught up with the headline-making skater in Vancouver, he responded to the comments of two Canadian critics, who made homophobic remarks. One even asked if the skater's gender should be tested.

    "Every little boy should be so lucky as to turn into me," Johnny told Dorothy without batting an eyelash. "And that's all I have to say."

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