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“We Are Philanthropists” Nonprofit Leader Works to Break Stereotypes and Inspire Others to Give

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Throughout Black History Month NBC 5 is highlighting local leaders making a difference across the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. Dr. Froswa' Booker-Drew is CEO of Soulstice Consulting and is also one of the founders of HERitage Giving Circle, a nonprofit comprised of Black women who raise money to support Black women-led nonprofits.

Dr. Booker-Drew explains why more people of color should recognize that they can be philanthropists, without having to write a check.

"I think we always see philanthropy as something that rich people who have a whole lot of money do. And it's the little things, like when you tithe at church, you do offerings or you're helping your neighbor and you're bringing a meal to them. It's not always money. It's our time. It's our talent."

She says that being able to share her thoughts and struggles empowers and helps those who need it.

"There are some amazing nonprofits. We do a whole segment on Black-led nonprofits. And that's why I started the nonprofit to support them because there are so many doing such good work. You don't have to go in and necessarily write a check. That's important and they need it."

Dr. Booker-Drew

Data shows that 0.6% of all funding in the United States goes to Black, women-led non-profits which is why Booker-Drew, Akilah Wallace and Dr. Halima Leak Francis started HERitage Giving Circle.

"We recognize that a lot of Black women were not getting the support that they needed to do the great work that they're doing in our communities."

She says she hopes people see that the power isn't only in your purse but in other areas as well.

"You know, either write a check, you can go and volunteer, you can do skill-based volunteering, you can do marketing at your company... A lot of these nonprofits need your expertise for you to give them advice and guidance on how to do a campaign that would generate funding. You can do social media... that can help. So, there's so much that all of us bring that can really transform our communities," Booker-Drew said.

Since 2017, they have raised over $100k and she says some are doing very well.

"A lot of nonprofit leaders pledge either $500 or $1,000 and pay it off, some can write it immediately and some pay on it every month."

Booker-Drew says the goal was to make sure they were pooling their money to be able to support these organizations. NBC 5 Anchor Brittney Johnson asked Dr. Booker Drew to explain the process of creating a giving circle. She says the circle is a group of people who have a focus on supporting Black women or helping organizations that support the Black community,

"It can be you know, we just want to get together and pool money and figure out what we do with it. But you make a decision as to what the focus area is and then you raise money," she said. "Now some giving circles may be able to get allies who will support it. And we've done that with HERitage. You may get sponsorships from corporations. But those monies are then dispersed to nonprofits, and you as the giving circle come up with your criteria."

Dr. Booker-Drew says it's not as complicated as people think, but it is an opportunity for people to come together and make a difference.

She also has a book titled Empowering Charity that covers the experience of Philanthropy and any myths surrounding it and she also talks about changing the narrative.

Dr. Booker-Drew
Dr. Booker-Drew, Empowering Charity

"We are philanthropists," she Booker-Drew. "We've got to get rid of stereotypes, okay, and start recognizing the folks on the ground and their lived experience and let them speak into it. Data is important, but it has to match the stories of the people and when those come together, we've got something powerful."

To learn more about HERitage and how to get involved, visit the website.

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