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Tim Gunn Rocks!



    Tim Gunn Rocks!

    Sorry I wasn't around to gossip last week, I had to fly to New York for a funeral, but I had a chance meeting with "Project Runway" fashion guru Tim Gunn that I just have to tell you about. I was waiting for the plane at LaGuardia when I saw him.

    Let me set the scene… our plane was late and taking off from a different gate than planned and the airport was in chaos.

    I looked across the waiting area to see Tim Gunn! He was standing there with a very fashionable grey suit, checkered shirt and neat tie.

    I absolutely knew it was him when he folded his arms, brought one hand up to his face, peered over his glasses and raised one eyebrow. That's right, he was looking at the gate attendants just like he looks at a crazy outfit made by a "Project Runway" contestant!

    So I grabbed my issue of People Style Watch, flipped to page 19 for Tim Gunn's "Who Got It Right?" where he compares similarly dressed celebrities and discusses their fashion choices.

    Tim was SO SWEET when I asked for his autograph, apparently he was standing next to a guy who had no idea who he was, because after he signed my magazine "Elvira, Make it work!! Tim" the man asked to see the magazine and said "Oh, Project Runway!" Gasp, how can you not know the great Tim Gunn?!?!

    I have to tell you, he was the sweetest man, we had a nice short chat, and he was so warm and kind.

    The plane we were waiting for was going to Atlanta, where Tim was visiting the Kate Spade store in the Lenox Square Mall on Saturday.

    And that, my friends, was my brush with "Project Runway" greatness!

    As I said to Tim, I hope they work out all the legal issues with the show and bring it back soon, because I can not wait for my fashion fix!