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Reality Sucks



    Reality Sucks

    The brother and sister team won the million bucks on "The Amazing Race."

    Victor Jih and his sister Tammy are both lawyers.

    They were the first to finish the final competitions, which included preparing pigs for luaus in Maui.

    The show's first deaf contestant had been leading with his mother, but they ended up in third place.

    What the El!?! Editorial:

    That was so sad. Luke was totally kicking butt in the final challenge, but then he forgot the last two destinations they had been on the trip.

    I felt so bad for him because he and his mom had it in the bag at that point.

    You know there's a reason Amazing Race keeps winning Emmys, it's just a great show, the drama isn't fake.

    The two former NFL cheerleaders came in second.

    They'd been trying to become the first all-female team to win.  

    Meanwhile, after Joan Rivers won "Celebrity Apprentice," she hugged the runner-up Annie Duke, even though Duke had said during the show that Rivers "needs to die."

    Rivers won by planning a better fundraising gala.

    She picked up a quarter million dollars for her favorite charity, God's Love We Deliver, which brings meals to the seriously ill at home.

    I'm pretty much over Celebrity Apprentice. This was the most unprofessional season ever. No one would make it out of the boardroom if they acted like that in a real boardroom.

    It made me sick just watching, but then so does all of Joan's plastic surgery.

    (Associated Press)