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Paula Was On Something After All



    Paula Was On Something After All

    If you always thought Paula Abdul was one something, you were right. Abdul admits to struggling to kick a dependence on painkillers.

    "Withdrawal – it's the worst thing," Abdul tells Ladies' Home Journal.

    In the interview Abdul talks about a string of bad luck including a broken leg in rehearsal, a car crash that left her with a neck injury and a plane crash that required 15 spinal surgeries left her a wreck at the height of her career.

    All of the injuries and the "show must go on" mantra left Abdul using a pain patch and painkillers to keep moving.

    Abdul says she checked herself into a resort and spa in California last Thanksgiving to kick the crutch of using medication.

    Abdul also says she feels 96 percent better today, after her 15th surgery, yoga, faith as well as friends and family.

    What the El!?! Editorial:

    This explains a lot. Paula has been lucid this season and really hasn't had any space cadet moments.

    I feel sorry for Paula that she's had to go through all that but I have to say if it were me I would totally tell everyone what I was going through instead of letting people speculate that I was crazy, drunk or high.

    Sympathy goes a long way. People like Paula, so there's no way they wouldn't have been sympathetic to her!