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Paula Abdul Alters Her Story



    Paula Abdul Alters Her Story

    So what's the deal with Paula Abdul and her misuse of prescription drugs? Depends on what day the story is being told.

    Last week, Ladies Home Journal quoted the "American Idol" judge as saying she had been addicted to painkillers and spent last Thanksgiving getting herself cleaned up. But now, Abdul is disputing details of the story.

    She now says in a statement to the Los Angeles Times that she has "never been addicted to or abused drugs in my life." She also says she has never been drunk and has never been to rehab.

    She says she spent only 3 days at the resort where the magazine said she went to get straight, and that it is a spa, not a rehab facility.

    In the article, Abdul is quoted as saying that the withdrawal process was "the worst thing" she had gone through.

    For its part, Ladies Home Journal says it stands by its original story.

    What the El!?! Editorial:

    I don't know why Paula is backing away from the story. It explains a lot and it makes people sympathetic to her. And then you hear that she kicked it on her own. She's a survivor.

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