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Is LinLo Too Skinny?



    Is LinLo Too Skinny?

    A new set of photos has some folks asking if Lindsay Lohan is too skinny.

    The black and white artsy photos were taken by celebrity photographer and fashion designer Hedi Slimane and can be found on her Web site.

    CLICK HERE for Hedi Slimane's Web Site.

    While Lohan covers herself with her hands, arms and hair some people say the parts of her body show how thin Lohan really is.

    On Monday E! talked to Lohan about the weighty issue as she was attending the Mercedes-Benz Oscar party in Beverly Hills.

    "I haven't changed my eating habits," said Lohan. She went on to add that she was probably losing weight because of stress.

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    What the El!?! Editorial:

    She does look awful thin, like scary skinny.

    But what do we expect? Everyone picks on or makes fun of Oprah, Jennifer Love Hewitt, or Jessica Simpson and we wonder why some stars have eating disorders?

    I'm not saying Lindsay has an eating disorder, but I think it's not a bad thing to be concerned about her health.

    It's completely possible she traded one addiction for another, an obsession with staying thin.