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Don't Dance With Britney On Stage



    Don't Dance With Britney On Stage

    Dancing at a Britney Spears concert is OK. Dancing on the stage with her is not.

    Twenty-year-old Kyle King of Orlando, Fla., is charged with breach of peace after he allegedly ran onto the stage and started dancing with Spears at her show in Uncasville, Connecticut, Saturday.

    An amateur video shows the man being quickly escorted off stage while Spears keeps performing.

    King is free on bail and scheduled to appear in court on June 18.


    What the El!?! Editorial:

    So I watched the videos on YouTube, and she looks FREAKED OUT! There's no doubt she's scared to death!

    Fast forward into the video to 2:15, he's right there on stage with her in her face and she's is screaming and backing away.

    Another view from the other side of the stage shows that guy had no trouble getting on stage.

    My question is where are the bouncers that should be guarding the stage to keep nuts like this guy from getting that close to her? What if he were a real crazed fan and wanted to harm her?

    Obviously someone needs to take a closer look at security for Britney.

    Also obvious, she's lip-synching—when she screams at him you can't hear anything she saying over the microphone and she is screaming.

    I guess we know the answer to the question-- "If a lip-synching pop star screams on stage will anyone hear it?"

    (Associated Press)