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Dennis Rodman Headed To Rehab



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    Dennis Rodman is reportedly heading to rehab to fight his addiction to alcohol.

    Rodman's recent battle with liquor was partially chronicled on "Celebrity Apprentice" where drinking seemed to get in the way of the tasks at hand.

    Now his friends and family have convinced him to get help.

    Originally they wanted him to check in to a facility but he wouldn't but he does plan to enter an outpatient program and see a counselor regularly.

    Rodman won't go until he appears on the "Celebrity Apprentice" live finale next Sunday.

    His rep tells E! Online: "We all know how amazing he is when sober and we hope he gets there soon."

    What the El!?! Editorial:

    I have to say watching him on "Celebrity Apprentice" it's clear he has a drinking problem, and I hope he gets help.

    Here's where I have a problem with Donald Trump in this situation.

    The Donald kicked Khloe Kardashian off the show because she had to miss the show because she had a court date for a DUI, so why is Trump letting Dennis be a part of things if he can't control his drinking?

    Double standard? I think so.