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A Rolex Saved Owen? Really??



    A Rolex Saved Owen? Really??

    If you believe what a Melrose jeweler has to say then a Rolex watch is what saved actor Owen Wilson from himself in 2007.

    A posting on MelroseJewelers.com explains it all:

    "After a frightening suicide attempt in 2007, Rolex watches and benefits appeared to play an essential role in actor Owen Wilson’s recovery...

    It was a dark period in Wilson life, and Rolex watches played a key role in helping Owen regain his bearings and his success.

    Although Owen Wilson has worn a Rolex GMT Master in the popular films Wedding Crashers and The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, he chooses to wear a Rolex Submariner in his everyday life…

    After returning home from the hospital, Owen was captured by a photographer walking on the beach, wearing his Rolex Submariner.

    Later, he was seen riding his mountain bike in Santa Monica with the Rolex Submariner on his wrist. Obviously, the quality of a Rolex watch helped Owen realize and appreciate the quality of his own life."

     What The El!?! Editorial:

    Really? A Watch, saved his life? Wouldn't a better claim be that the watch band stopped the razor form slicing his wrist?

    This is morbid and sick, is the economy so bad you have to claim your watch will bring you back from a bad patch in order to sell them?

    I thought "takes a lickin' and keeps on tickin'" was a good campaign!