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    SCENT-SATIONAL:  Ever wonder what an international pop superstar smells like?  Well, if Beyoncé is the diva in question, aromas of magnolia and red vanilla orchid would mingle with peach, honeysuckle and almond macaroon.  …Yeah, that’s what we thought, too.  Seriously, though, that’s the scent of Beyoncé’s very first fragrance, Beyoncé Heat, available exclusively at Macy’s.  Designed for the “new modern woman”, it’s assertive and sensual – just like the lady herself.  Available in Eau de Parfum ($49 and $59) and Sparkling Body Lotion ($24), you can also snap up a sweet handbag as your free gift with any purchase of $59 or more.  GET IT: Shop online or at your nearest Macy’s location.