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Survival of the Silliest



    SURVIVAL OF THE SILLIEST: We're not completely loony, we know zombies (aside from someone before their first cup of coffee) don't really exist. Still, we take the motto of the Boy Scouts to heart: "Be Prepared." So step 1, buy "The Zombie Survival Guide" by author and Saturday Night Live writer Max Brooks. Though the whole "surviving zombies" scenario is kinda funny, this survival guide treats the premise as super-serious -- making it a great conversation starter, especially on first dates. "In the case of a zombie attack, do you already have an escape plan?" Best pickup line ever. GET IT:Dirt cheap for $5.63 on Amazon.

    HAUNT THIS -- All through October, we're dedicated to bringing you a bit more creepy, icky, scary, or just plain weird items that will turn your normal cry of "Want This" into "Haunt This!"