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    TALK SNOOP:  Are you shaker?  A rattler?  A snoop extraordinaire?  Sometimes we can’t help but give those gifts a tap and hold ‘em up to our ear like a red and green seashell, waiting for a whisper from the treasures that sit inside.  It’s only human.  And as any seasoned snooper could tell you, the best gifts are often those in the most unassuming little boxes.  This year, we’re hoping to hear a bauble from the TOUS gift collection in our smallest package, like a sterling silver Mil Osos ring ($69) or a pair of studs featuring the jewelry brand’s famous bear ($59).  But we won’t know for sure ‘til Friday.  GET IT: Shop online or visit TOUS at Galleria Dallas, 13350 Dallas Parkway, Suite 1135, 972-239-1593.