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Making the Days Pop



    POP IT: Awash in the peaceful glow of having some holiday time off, remnants of glitter or confetti still stuck to their shoes … an army of hard-working locals now find themselves grinding under the harsh fluorescent lights of an office. It’s a scene undoubtedly playing itself over and over in every corner of the metroplex. Overbearing superiors: check. Chatty Kathy super-happy-can’t-wait-to-tell-you about their vacay: check. Here’s what these legions of little worker bees need -- a bubble wrap calendar that lets them ‘pop off’ their days in 2010. As utilitarian as it’s fun to look at, this funky calendar adds individual-style to any office wall. GET IT: We Are 1976, 1902 North Henderson Avenue, Dallas, 214-821-1976.