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    SWEET REFILLS:  We had to create a new category for this confectionary kitchen gadget – it’s called “Snack Cake Surgical Implements”.  Seriously, though, Uncommon Goods’ Cupcake Corer Set is designed to allow the home baker to expertly hollow and refill their sweet creations with anything from frosting to whipped cream to peanut butter and jelly.  An innovative “plunger” is the key (their word, not ours), designed to punch a perfectly symmetrical, crumb-free hole in any hand-held cake.  Step two involves collared squeeze bottles to fill and decorate your own irresistible calorie delivery devices.  Debbie and Dolly, you’ve been served.  GET IT:  Cupcake Corer & Decorating Set, $20.  Available online from Uncommon Goods.