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    GO HYDRO:  Sure, you love the Great Outdoors as much anybody else – it’s just the dirt, the worms and all that pesky weather you’ve got a problem with.  (Not to mention the fact that everything you plant in Mother Earth seems to turn to mulch.)  We can relate, and that’s why the AeroGarden is the best thing to happen to our kitchen since 100-calorie packs.  Two parts NASA-inspired science project and one part fool-proof assembly, this clever little gadget utilizes “aeroponic technology” to grow a wide variety of herbs, veggies, flowers and more.  Best of all, the only thing it needs from you is the press of a button once in a while.  Look, Ma – I’m a farmer!  GET IT:  $49.95 and up, available online at  Don’t miss colors, prints and Valentine’s gifts, too!