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The Cowboys Draft



    The Cowboys Draft

    It seems people have created their own career as NFL "draft analysts". I'm not sure when this started. But graded a draft one day after it happens, and zero days after these rookies have played a down in the NFL is POINTLESS. Why would you grade people that haven't performed yet? Basically, what these draft nerds are doing is grading based on name appeal.

    How many times have we heard Mel Kiper Jr. say "this guys a sure thing", "a franchise quarterback waiting to happen"? Only to have Ryan Leaf, Cade Mcnown, Tim Couch, Akili Smith and Alex Smith to walk through the door. Still think Curtis Enis is game changer? How about Bobby Carpenter? Is this a guy you can build an NFL defense around?

    We're all aware the Cowboys drafted a group of no namers, who, other than maybe five of them, don't really have an established position. Lets not jump on them and give them this all important grade. It takes time and coaching before we can actually grade a class. Maybe as long as three years.

    How many Cowboys fans were pumped about a quarterback named Tony Romo who went undrafted?