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Patrick Crayton Needs To Shut Up



    Patrick Crayton Needs To Shut Up

    For the record, I like Patrick Crayton. He's one of my go to guys during the season when I need a good sound byte. He's vocal, and generally pretty accommodating. But he's been a little to vocal lately causing yet another media circus that the Cowboys should be trying to avoid. Earlier in the week Patrick Crayton told Clarence Hill of the Star-Telegram that the excuses are over and the "scapegoats" are gone. Crayton also said that the offense is now Tony Romo and Jason Garrett friendly and it's time to perform. In translation: Romo and Garrett can stop their anti-T.O. conspiracy, shut up, and play.

    And since the article Tuesday, everyone has tried to get Crayton on TV, radio, and newspaper. This guy is getting way too much attention. Since 2004, Crayton has 2,266 receiving yards and 18 td's. He doesn't need to be mouthing off, when he's most known in Dallas for a dropped pass in the playoffs against the Giants.

    He's a Dallas native, and is in a pretty good situation. Patrick, pipe down, go the workouts, and perform. This is the post T.O. era. Everything is supposed to be cakes and pies.