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How Salty Must Jerrah Jones Be Today



    How Salty Must Jerrah Jones Be Today

    If Jerry Jones wasn't pacing and swearing and throwing things and drinking scotch and considering firing Wade Phillips before today, he certainly is now. The most proud owner in the NFL has to watch tickets and t-shirts be printed with EAGLES vs CARDINALS for the NFC Championship.

    The Eagles being in, at least historically isn't that surprising. This year however is. This team was 5-6-1, and all but out of the playoff picture. But it's the Cardinals being one game for the Super Bowl that has to have Jerry considering another face lift. Both personally, and with his team.

    Cardinals territory used to be Cowboys territory. The Cardinals, one of the laughing stocks of the NFL have more playoff wins than the Cowboys this decade. Cardinals owner, Bill Bidwell, who's an absolute dope, has somehow run his franchise better than Jerry Jones.

    Not sure how this is happening. Not sure why this happening. Not sure if this will happen again. But at least right now a rival and perennial doormat is one game away from the Super Bowl. And Jerry's high priced babies are watching it from their futons.