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ZiPS Projections: No. 2 Starter



    Dan Szymborski’s ZiPS projections are a good measure of what to expect from players in the upcoming baseball season. We'll take a look at the Rangers' projections on a position-by-position basis. Szymborski can be found on Twitter at @DSzymborski.

    Today we'll look at the projections for the Rangers in the No. 2 starting pitcher role, which looks to be held down by Matt Harrison after a career year last season.

    Harrison:30 starts, 191 1/3 innings, 4.05 ERA, 5.65 K/9 IP, 120 strikeouts, 57 walks, 21 home runs allowed

    These projections show Harrison having a regress year after his stellar 2012, which saw him go 18-11 with a 3.29 ERA in 213 1/3 innings. Everything is in line with typical Matt Harrison when it comes to strikeout numbers, walks and home runs, but the ERA is a bit high considering his past two seasons (he put up a 3.39 ERA in 2011). The Rangers are really counting on Harrison to be a No. 2 pitcher for them after his past two seasons, and to be a good No. 2, you really need an ERA under 4.00. We'll see what happens, but Rangers fans should hope this ERA projection is a little off.