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What Could Rougned Odor Possibly Be Appealing?



    What Could Rougned Odor Possibly Be Appealing?
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    ARLINGTON, TX - MAY 15: Adrian Beltre #29 of the Texas Rangers holds Jose Bautista #19 of the Toronto Blue Jays after being punched by Rougned Odor #12 in the eighth inning at Globe Life Park in Arlington on May 15, 2016 in Arlington, Texas. (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

    “The sun was in my eyes.”

    “He had it coming.”

    "It was just a slap."

    “My dog ate my homework.”

    Okay then, you tell me what in the world Rangers’ 2nd baseman Rougned Odor is going to tell Major League Baseball during his appeal on Tuesday. The entire episode is just more proof that baseball is just wacky.

    Odor, of course, delivered a clean, intentional right-hand punch to the face of Toronto’s Jose Bautista. That was on May 15. Odor hasn’t missed any playing time, and it’s now May 23. And for the life of me I just can’t imagine the foundation for his appeal?

    I mean, it’s no secret there was existing bad blood between the Rangers and Blue Jays. It’s also no secret that Odor has a hot temper and attitude edge that has gotten him involved in physical altercations throughout his career in the minors and majors.

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    Bautista might have instigated this who feud, but last time I checked flipping a bat was legal. In Arlington Odor submarined Bautista on the double-play relay throw and Bautista responded with a hard, late slide. Both were looking for a fight, and they got it.

    In my opinion they should be both be suspended the same amount. Bautista got only one game – because he’s a really lousy fighter?

    Eight games might be a lot, but – again – what’s the appeal. It’s not like Odor can claim he didn’t actually punch Bautista. It’s not one of those “yes I was speeding but I was taking my pregnant wife to the hospital” deals.

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    MLB has suspended Odor for eight games. And now MLB executive vice president John McHale will hear the appeal? Wacky I tell ya.

    Bottom line: Odor dished it out; Now he should be able to take it.

    And, sorry, his appeal can’t center around “Don’t Mess With Texas.”

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