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We Say Goodbye to Chris Davis Once Again



    Monday was a very happy day for the Rangers.

    Nelson Cruz and Josh Hamilton did a lot more than create an intimidating presence in the lineup in their return from injuries. Each of them launched home runs and instantly took the Rangers back to being one of the most potent offenses in all the land.

    That's a good day all by itself, but it was made all the better by Alexi Ogando's shutout. There shall never be as fortuitous a groin injury as the one that cleared Tommy Hunter out of Ogando's path during Spring Training.

    Alas, even the sunniest of skies sometimes provide a home to a cloud or two. On Monday, that cloud was shaped suspiciously like Chris Davis. He was sent back to Triple-A to make room for Cruz and Hamilton, a move that he didn't greet with a great big smile.

    Davis declined requests for a comment on his way out of the clubhouse, although you can probably do a decent job of filling in the blanks all by yourself. It's pretty frustrating to come up to the big leagues, do solid work and then get shipped back out. Understandable, but still frustrating for a player who knows he needs another serious injury to get an extended chance to impress the Rangers brass.

    Or anyone else's brass, for that matter. It has become clear that Davis's best chance for a future as a big league regular isn't likely to come with the Rangers. There are too many players ahead of him and, at 25, Davis is going to soon have to worry about players coming up behind him.

    That means the big question is whether or not Davis did enough to make other teams want to make a deal for his services. The gut feeling is that he didn't. He posted an OPS+ of 118 which is above average but nothing out of this world for a corner infielder. Like we said before, it was solid work but it wasn't anything that made you stop what you were doing every time Davis came up to hit.

    The fact that his numbers were better away from the Ballpark do some good, but we're talking about such a small sample size that it can't really affect anyone's thinking too much. Davis is still the player who flopped royally in each of the last two seasons and it will take quite a bit more to convince anyone he's still a future star.

    That's not the best of news, but it doesn't do much to take away from the best day the Rangers have had in a while.