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Washington Speaks Up on Leadership



    Since Ian Kinsler went scorched earth on the Texas Rangers in an ESPN The Magazine article, much has been made about who the leader is in the Rangers' clubhouse. After reading Kinsler's comments about his mentoring, or lack thereof, of Jurickson Profar, it's pretty clear he didn't figure into that picture.

    Rangers manager Ron Washington said he doesn't want just one or two leaders, he wants a clubhouse full of them.

    While talking to Norm Hitzges on KTCK 1310/96.7 on Monday, Washington said that while guys like Adrian Beltre and Elvis Andrus might be gravitated toward more than others, he doesn't want those two to be the only leaders in the room at Globe Life Park.

    “Every person that’s in that clubhouse. I think the worst thing that you can do is try to impart leadership on someone," Washington said. "I believe, and I could be wrong, I’m not a scholar, but I believe you’re born a leader. I can’t teach you to lead if that’s not something that you want to be a part of. That’s why I want 25 of them.

    "I want everyone to be accountable to everyone, and if you can get everyone accountable to everyone, there’s your leaders right there. Now there are going to be guys that they gravitate to because of tenure, and if he wants to be that guy that shows the way, then he shows the way. If not, then another guy has to show the way.”

    It seems pretty easy to see that Beltre is the unquestioned leader of the room. He's a likeable guy that performs between the lines. Andrus is probably second in line. Even backup catcher J.P. Arencibia has reportedly tried to establish some cred in the room, and that's great, but it's hard to be a true leader if you're not even a starter.