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Washington, Rangers Not Ready To Panic

A two-game sweep at the hands of the Royals hasn't put a damper on the Texas clubhouse



    Being swept in a two-game set by the Kansas City Royals at home hasn’t done much to put a damper on the easy confidence and seemingly unshakeable optimism that runs through the Texas Rangers’ clubhouse, and as they say, “it starts at the top.”

    This is certainly the case for the Rangers’, whose manager, Ron Washington, is about as cool as they come.

    "Don't jump off the ship," Washington told reporters after Tuesday’s loss, per ESPN Dallas. "You'll sink. We'll return as a submarine and you can't get back on."

    Don’t expect any panic from the players in the clubhouse, either. This group takes its cues from Washington, and they’re not exactly worried about the season as it stands now for any number of reasons, not the least of which is the fact that it’s May.

    "We feel like we're always one pitch from turning anything around," Michael Young said. "That's one reason why I think we're a really good team.

    "We believe in ourselves. Every guy individually here knows what they're capable of doing in this game. You combine that with some mental toughness and you're always one pitch, one at-bat, one swing from getting right back to where you want to be."