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Upton Still Out There For the Taking



    There is still serious talk that Arizona Diamondbacks outfielder Justin Upton could be dealt before the 2013 season begins, and just as was the case back in December, the Texas Rangers seem to be one of the frontrunners in line to grab him.

    Of course, a young, toolsy outfielder who's under control for three full seasons isn't going to come cheaply, and it's still really questionable as to why the Diamondbacks would want to deal him so badly in the first place. But apparently they do.

    ESPN/Sirius personality Jim Bowden, a former general manager who likes to throw rumors up against the wall and see what sticks, but is nonetheless entertaining, believes he knows what would land the Rangers Upton.

    According to Bowden, the price would be Mike Olt, Martin Perez and Robbie Ross.

    I hate the fact that Ross is in that deal, and I wouldn't trade a proven reliever with potential to be a starter, especially not one of the southpaw variety. Others, including FoxSports' Ken Rosenthal have suggested the Rangers could get Upton for the likes of Olt, Perez or pitcher Cody Buckel and infield prospect Leury Garcia, who is log-jammed by Elvis Andrus, Ian Kinsler and Jurickson Profar, and another prospect.

    As much as you have to like Buckel and Garcia, you have to like this deal better for the Rangers because it doesn't include a proven big-league commodity in Ross. Sure, Perez is all kinds of potential, but he hasn't shown he's ready to realize it yet.

    Not a huge fan of acquiring Upton at such a high price, but if I had to do it, I'd take the second option over the first and remind myself that you get a still-improving Upton for three seasons at a relatively bargain price.