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Two Weeks Later, Dave Barnett Is "No Closer To Figuring Out What The Heck That Was"

Barnett took an indefinite leave of absence on Monday, two weeks after a strange on-air incident became national news



    It’s been a little over two weeks since a bizarre on-air incident involving Rangers’ television announcer Dave Barnett became national news, and yesterday, it was announced that Barnett would take an indefinite leave of absence as he tries to figure out just what--from a medical standpoint--went wrong on that Monday night.

    In an interview with 1310 The Ticket on Monday, Barnett said that even after two weeks, he was still wholly unsure of what caused the strange happening on that night’s telecast--a span long enough to convince the veteran announcer that the leave of absence was for the best.

    “Two weeks ago, this thing happened. It was completely out of the blue,” Barnett said, via the Dallas Morning News. “It never happened like that before. Since then, it’s been a matter of seeing this specialist and that specialist and having a bunch of tests. At this point, I’m no closer to figuring out what the heck that was than I was two weeks ago. That’s with the best possible medical service available.

    “That being the case, this week I’m concentrated on going down a completely different road than what I’ve been on. At this point, I don’t see the end to it. From a Rangers standpoint, it’s kind of holding them hostage. That’s not a good position for them to be in.”

    Barnett will be replaced by Steve Busby on Fox Sports Southwest and TXA 21 telecasts for the remainder of his absence.