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Top 40 Rangers of All-Time? You Decide



    On Sunday, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram released a list of the top 40 Texas Rangers of all time with a few obvious choices and a few other curious ones.

    The No. 1 choice is pretty solid in catcher Ivan "Pudge" Rodriguez. Pudge came up as an 18-year-old in 1991 and stayed until 2002, winning the AL MVP in 1999 and he was one of the most feared gunslinging catchers in baseball history, winning multiple gold gloves. He came back in 2009 for part of the season and was an instant ticket seller.

    Juan Gonzalez checked in at No. 2 as the only Ranger to win two MVP awards. His flameout and suspected involvement in PEDs (along with Pudge) kind of taints it a little, but he was clearly the most feared, best player on those good late 1990s Rangers teams.

    Michael Young is No. 3, though I'd consider putting him No. 2 with his one MVP under his belt and the way he's become the unofficial "Mr. Ranger" despite the nastiness that occured this winter between he and the front office.

    Nolan Ryan is No. 6, as the list considers only what the players did with the Rangers. Ryan was only a player here for four seasons, but he got his 5,000th strikeout, his 300th win and his 6th and 7th no-hitters for the Rangers. What he has done as team president should bump him up higher on the list.

    Finally, Alex Rodriguez is No. 8. That's blasphemy.