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Tickets Available for Friday, Saturday ALDS



    The Rangers locked-up home field advantage through the ALDS Wednesday night -- and the Rays buttoned-up an incredible rally to secure the wild card.

    That gives us a rematch of the ALDS from last year with the Rangers and Rays once again facing-off in the MLB playoffs.

    Game 1 is Friday at the Ballpark at 4:07 p.m.  Game 2 is Saturday at 6:07 p.m.

    Games 3 (4:07 p.m. CT) and 4 will be in Tampa Bay with Game 5, if necessary, will be back at the Ballpark.  All games will be broadcast on TBS/TNT.

    If you haven't yet scored tickets to the ALDS, all is not lost.  Stubhub emailed us early Thursday afternoon to report they still have 8,000 tickets to Friday's game with ticket prices ranging from $19 - $150.

    They have 8,300 tickets available for Saturday with prices ranging from $26-200.

    Should Game 5 be necessary, they have nearly 7,000 tickets for that one.  Let's hope the Rangers are resting up for the ALCS by that point.