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Stop The Wave. Best. Idea. Ever.



    People, learn your lesson.

    And let Greg Holland be the teacher.

    Holland, while watching the Rangers lose a close game back in May 2009, saw the fans at Rangers Ballpark break out the most insanely moronic ritual in sports: The Wave.

    In case you're unfamiliar (unfortunately, I don't see how that's possible), here it is, live, at Yankee Stadium. You think smart baseball fans in Arlington hate it, I bet these Bronx bozos loathe it.

    Holland, a 29-year-old who lives in the mid-cities, saw Rangers fans start The Wave while the Rangers were pitching, and they went on to lose the game, which set Holland off.

    He started a twitter feed (@stopthewave) and started trying to send the message of how dumb it really is. He'd tweet whenever he saw Rangers fans partaking.

    Finally, this year, he began sending e-mails to Rangers scoreboard/videoboard czar Chuck Morgan telling him about a similar campaign at Coors Field in Denver, and the next thing he knew, the Rangers began putting this on the brand new, HD videoboard atop the Home Run Porch.

    There were then more signs developed, including the one being used now in every game where it talks about all the fake injuries that can be suffered by doing The Wave, but it's the thought that counts.

    "A couple months into the season a sign using my Stop The Wave logo started being used on the center field scoreboard," Holland said. "After that he [Morgan] started using the other three signs. They aren't really working, but it's good to see the team putting some effort to inform the fans when not to do it."
    When not to do it? Pretty much ever. Class dismissed.