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Staff Predictions for the 2017 MLB Season



    Staff Predictions for the 2017 MLB Season
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    SAN ANTONIO, TX - APRIL 21: A Texas Rangers hat at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington on April 19, 2013 in Arlington, Texas. (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

    Pat Doney:

    AL West

    1. Rangers – AL’s best record in ‘16 with young players more experienced and Yu in a contract year
    2. Mariners – Addition of Smyly and Segura, plus an improved bullpen help the M’s finish second
    3. Astros – Amazing lineup and a very good bullpen, but starting pitching is a big concern here
    4. Angels – Pitching will be better and Trout is incredible, but playing in MLB’s best division hurts
    5. A’s – Gray should be better than ‘16, but the team isn’t, meaning a repeat of 90+ losses is likely

    AL Central

    Delino DeShields Responds to 2017 Predictions for Rangers

    Delino DeShields Responds to 2017 Predictions for Rangers

    Rangers outfielder Delino DeShields responds to the predictions of where the Rangers will finish in the division. 

    (Published Sunday, April 2, 2017)

    1. Indians – A healthier version of the team one run away from winning the World Series in 2016 
    2. Tigers – Second place only because of a weak division for an aging club that missed its window
    3. Royals – Watch out for a big selloff at the trade deadline if KC isn’t in contention
    4. Twins – Should be much-improved from last season, but they lost 103 games in 2016
    5. White Sox – Everything is for sale!

    AL East

    1. Red Sox – Injuries already a concern will make it close, but the talent here is enough to hold on
    2. Blue Jays – Still a dominant offense with Stroman ready to show WBC performance was no fluke
    3. Yankees – Big season for Tanaka (check late 2016 stats), but the rebuild is still a year away
    4. Orioles – Solid offense with very shaky pitching will leave them a few games out of the playoffs
    5. Rays – This team could surprise, but the expectation of trading off assets has them in last place

    AL Wild Card – Mariners, Blue Jays

    AL Champion – Indians

    AL MVP – Mike Trout, Angels

    AL Cy Young – Yu Darvish, Rangers


    NL West

    1. Dodgers – Deep rotation/roster + MLB’s best pitcher + bad division = MLB’s top record
    2. Giants – They’ll pitch well again, but just miss a wild card spot
    3. Rockies – Arenado, Story and Desmond make for a great offense, but pitching?
    4. Diamondbacks – Big sellers at the trade deadline for a below average team on Opening Day
    5. Padres – The future shows signs of (slight) promise, but this team can’t pitch

    NL Central

    1. Cubs – The best team in the division and quite possibly the best team (again) in MLB
    2. Cardinals – Wild card team with Molina healthy, plus Lynn, Martinez & Wacha ready to surprise
    3. Pirates – Winning record is likely behind strong season for Gerritt Cole, but just miss the playoffs
    4. Reds – Big-time rebuild will make 2017 a forgettable season
    5. Brewers – The future is bright, but 2017 is a few years away from the future

    NL East

    1. Mets – So much pitching, with DFW’s Syndergaard stealing the Cy Young from DFW’s Kershaw
    2. Nationals – Monster seasons for Harper, Scherzer and Turner helps the Nats make the playoffs
    3. Braves – Matt Kemp is going to have a big season, and Dansby Swanson is a soon-to-be star
    4. Phillies – The process continues and gets closer to an above .500 record (just not this season)
    5. Marlins – Giancarlo Stanton is awesome, but that’s about it

    NL Wild Card – Cardinals, Nationals

    NL Champion – Mets

    NL MVP – Bryce Harper, Nationals

    NL Cy Young – Noah Syndergaard, Mets

    World Series – Indians over Mets

    Chris James:

    AL East

    1. Red Sox – Best pitching in the league, especially if Price gets right
    2. Yankees – Sleeper pick. Young and exciting talent
    3. Orioles – Never count a Showalter team out
    4. Blue Jays – Still a powerful lineup. Not as powerful as previous years
    5. Rays – Young pitching that will soon be trade pieces

    AL Central

    1. Indians – Pitching plus addition of Encarnacion equals division title repeat
    2. Tigers – Window closing fast on aging team
    3. Royals – Tragic loss of Ventura keeps them from second spot but may also be motivation
    4. White Sox – Team with young pitching and a new manager that could be a couple of years away
    5. Twins – Rebuild continues

    AL West

    1. Rangers – If Darvish and Hamels are themselves and Napoli adds needed offense, could three-peat the division
    2. Astros – Key offseason additions but lousy record against Rangers
    3. Mariners – Always hyped in offseason, yet to deliver
    4. Angels – Trout best in the game, but ton of questions on the roster
    5. A’s – Quick… name one player on the team. Yea, me neither

    AL Wild Card – Astros, Yankees

    AL Champion – Red Sox

    AL MVP – Mike Trout, Angels

    AL Cy Young – Chris Sale, Red Sox

    NL East

    1. Nationals – Still the team to beat in the division despite playoff disappointments
    2. Mets – If pitching is healthy, could make a World Series run
    3. Marlins – Fun, exciting team that could sneak up on people
    4. Braves – Young talent but a year or two away from being a contender
    5. Phillies – Another young team trying to find its way

    NL Central

    1. Cubs – Team that’s built to last
    2. Pirates – Will he stay or will he go? McCutchen trade saga could hamper clubhouse atmosphere
    3. Cardinals – Solid team year in and year out
    4. Brewers – Fire sale may start soon. Braun becomes trade bait near deadline
    5. Reds – Fire sale already started

    NL West

    1. Dodgers – Successful mixture of young and veteran talent
    2. Rockies – Improved team that could contend for playoff spot
    3. Giants – Bullpen hurt them last season and remains a question this year
    4. Padres – NL equivalent of the A’s

    NL Wild Card – Mets, Rockies

    NL Champion – Cubs

    NL MVP – Nolan Arenado, Rockies

    NL Cy Young – Clayton Kershaw

    World Series – Red Sox over Cubs


    Newy Scruggs:

    AL West-Astros

    AL Central-Indians

    AL East-Red Sox

    AL wild cards-Rangers & Mariners

    NL West-Giants

    NL Central-Cubs

    NL East-Nationals

    NL wild cards-Dodgers & Mets

    AL champion-Indians

    NL champion-Cubs

    World Series champion-Cubs

    Rangers finish in AL West (place and win total)  2nd place 92 wins

    Rangers HR leader (player and number) Beltre 35 

    Rangers win leader (player and number)  Hamels 16

    Rangers MVP  Locroy

    Midseason move (For this one, just needs to be as simple as "trade for player X" or "trade away player Y" or "acquire right-handed bat" .... the more specific, the better.)

    The Rangers trade away Joey Gallo for starting pitching help at the trade deadline.