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Speak Now Or Hush Later

Laying Out Predictions for the 2012 Season



    Some friends and I have done this every year for quite some time. Here's the idea, just pick the order of finish in each MLB division along with some postseason awards and some off-the-wall categories, and there you have it, your MLB predictions.

    It's always fun to take a look back in October to see who's the smartest. It can also be depressing to look back three days after the season starts like last season when I picked Manny Ramirez as my AL Comeback Player of the Year. Oops.

    Here goes nothing:

    NL WEST- Giants, D-Backs, Dodgers, Rockies, Padres
    NL CENTRAL- Reds, Cardinals, Brewers, Pirates, Cubs, Astros
    NL EAST- Phillies, Nationals, Braves, Marlins, Mets
    AL WEST- Rangers, Angels, Mariners, Athletics
    AL CENTRAL- Tigers, Indians, Royals, Twins, White Sox
    AL EAST- Yankees, Rays, Red Sox, Blue Jays, Orioles

    Wildcard Winners
    NL- D-Backs over Cardinals
    AL- Angels over Rays

    Playoff Predictions:
    NL Divisional- Giants over Reds
    NL Divisional- Phillies over D-Backs
    AL Divisional- Rangers over Tigers
    AL Divisional- Yankees over Angels
    NLCS- Phillies over Giants
    ALCS- Rangers over Yankees
    World Series- Rangers over Phillies

    Postseason Awards
    NL MVP- Joey Votto
    AL MVP- Ian Kinsler
    NL Cy Young- Clayton Kershaw
    AL Cy Young- Justin Verlander
    NL ROY- Bryce Harper
    AL ROY- Matt Moore
    NL Manager of Year- Dusty Baker
    AL Manager of Year- Ron Washington
    NL Comeback Player- Buster Posey
    AL Comeback Player- Kendrys Morales

    Misc. Predictions
    First Manager to get fired- Bobby Valentine
    Biggest name to be traded- Alfonso Soriano
    Player with most HRs- Joey Bautista
    Someone linked to steroids for first time - Albert Pujols
    First pitcher to require Tommy John surgery -- Luke Hochevar
    Most wins at All-Star break – Tigers
    AL All-star game starter – CC Sabathia
    NL All-star game starter- Roy Halladay
    Closer with most saves -- Brian Wilson
    First team to clinch playoff spot- Tigers
    How many wins for Mets – 57
    BOLD PREDICTION: Not sure if this qualifies as bold, but I'll say Ichiro hits under .280 again.