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Sound the Alarm: Rangers Win an Astros Series



    As if you needed anymore proof the 2014 Texas Rangers season has gone completely belly-up, just look at what happened on Tuesday night with the Rangers' 2-1 win over the Houston Astros.

    The Rangers' win meant they won the series against the Astros with Wednesday's series finale being in consequential in that regard. That marked the first time in the past five tries that the Astros had failed to win a series from the Rangers.

    Wrap your mind around that: Four straight series losses to the Astros — that's just remarkably bad.

    The Astros locked up the Silver Boot last month, for the first time since the Buck Showalter era, which further hammers home the point of how bad this year went for the Rangers. But hey, the Rangers got the last laugh, I guess. So there's that.