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Silver Lining: Offense Showed Some Life



    The Rangers failed miserably in their three-game home series against the Pittsburgh Pirates this week, there's no question about it.

    A three-game sweep wasn't at all what the Rangers wanted or needed, especially in this tight race when things were already going poorly for Texas heading into the series.

    But there were some positive signs on Tuesday and Wednesday, especially late in the games when the Rangers had chances to win both games after losing Monday and starting both Tuesday and Wednesday with offensive trouble.

    The Rangers got guys on, and on Wednesday particularly, they brought them in as Elvis Andrus and Ian Kinsler delivered key RBI hits and they actually managed five runs but their bullpen couldn't back them up and continually gave up late runs.

    Adrian Beltre started to swing the bat again in those two games, as well. He went 3-for-8 in those two games and actually got an extra-base hit. He's been carrying the Rangers for two months and now he's cold, and the entire lineup has followed suit. If he can find his swing again, especially in key situations with runners on, the lineup will pick back up in a hurry.

    There's plenty to be stressing about if you're a Rangers fan right now, but there's also plenty of things to look at and realize that this race is far from over.