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Remembering Josh Hamilton



    There is no question of Josh Hamilton's talent on the baseball field. When healthy -- physically and mentally -- there might not be a better player in the game. That's been evidenced by his 2010 AL MVP season and his 2012 season that, in a normal year, would've been MVP-worthy.

    But there were also plenty of bad moments in Hamilton's tenure -- on and off the field. Let's take a look at some of the more memorable moments -- good and bad -- of the former Ranger, who is now starring for the Rangers' bitter rival, the Los Angeles Angels.

    1. The Drop: It's probably unfair, but this is what is in the mind of Rangers fans as Hamilton leaves. On the last day of the regular season, in a winner-takes-the-AL West game in Oakland, Hamilton drops a shallow pop fly. It was so routine that it was hard to believe, but he dropped it and allowed two runs to score in what was a tie game in the fourth inning. He then leisurely galloped after the ball and brushed off manager Ron Washington when he was asked about the play in the dugout. Of course, the A's went on to crush the Rangers and end their two-year run atop the AL West.

    2. The game in Baltimore: Oh, that glorious day in Camden Yards. Hamilton was nearing the end of his torrid start to the season, but on this night he was near-perfect. He hit four home runs and came extremely close to a fifth on a ball that was probably hit harder than any of the homers but lacked the height to get out of the ballpark. It was just a double. Wimp.

    3. Game 6: After what had been a pretty awful World Series in 2011, Hamilton nearly saved the day. In the classic, back-and-forth Game 6 in St. Louis, it appeared Hamilton had had the last laugh when he sent a 10th-inning home run over the wall to give the Rangers a two-run lead, after they'd blown the same lead in the ninth. Again, the Rangers couldn't hold on to the lead, and well, we all know what happened two days later.

    4. Sherlock's: Enough said.