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Reid Ryan: Dad Not Going to Houston



    When Reid Ryan became the new team president of the Houston Astros last week, the rumors immediately began to pick up steam again that Texas Rangers CEO/MLB Hall of Famer/Consumate Texan Nolan Ryan, Reid's father, would join his son back with the Astros, for whom he played before coming to the Rangers in the late 1980s.

    If you remember, the elder Ryan had a pretty public spat with his co-workers in the Rangers' front office this winter, especially when general manager Jon Daniels became GM/president Jon Daniels and Ryan went from CEO/president Nolan Ryan to simply CEO Nolan Ryan.

    It's all a bit confusing, we understand. But needless to say, Ryan wasn't happy with the change and has still never really addressed the move publicly. There was wide speculation he would step down from the organization after spring training — so much so that it almost seemed inevitable.

    Now, Reid Ryan is calming speculation of his father joining him in Houston, where the worst team in baseball resides, before rumors get really out of hand.

    Speaking to local sports radio stations this week, Reid Ryan has said he's seen no signs pointing to a father-son reunion with the Astros, which shouldn't be surprising given Nolan's age and the difference between the quality of teams in Houston and Arlington.

    "I don’t really see that," Reid Ryan told ESPN 103.3 FM this week. "I’ve been asked that by a couple of people, and I think when he decided to stay, he did it for several reasons. One, when you start to build something, you want to see it through to the finish line. That [World Series] loss in 2011, it was gut-wrenching on a lot of levels for a lot of people in the organization. Everybody went away doing everything in their power to try to get back. Getting that close motivates you and he knows how good the team is there. And he has a couple of years left on his contract. I think honestly he’s enjoying what he’s doing."