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Rangers Won't Let Pujols Win Series By Himself



    The Rangers almost learned things the hard way in the ALCS.

    Miguel Cabrera went 8-for-20 against the Rangers in the ALCS with three home runs, four doubles and seven RBIs.

    Luckily, the Rangers were able to dispatch Cabrera and his teammates in six games, but they might have learned a valuable lesson: Don't mess with someone of that caliber.

    Albert Pujols is probably more dangerous than Cabrera. He's the best hitter of this generation, and the Rangers made it clear in Wednesday night's 3-2 loss to open the World Series that they won't let the Cardinals ride Pujols to a World Series title.

    In the NLCS, Pujols went 11-for-23 with two home runs, four doubles and nine RBIs. That's pretty scary.

    On Wednesday, Pujols was hit by a pitch in the dirt from C.J. Wilson, was intentionally walked, and was retired twice. He scored a run, but the Rangers can live with that.

    There were a few things Ron Washington did on Wednesday night that will be questioned, but one thing he can't be questioned about is the way he approached the Pujols Problem.