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Rangers' Infield is Game's Best



    We've known it around here for quite some time — the Texas Rangers might have the best infield in baseball after the addition of gold glove third baseman Adrian Beltre prior to the 2011 season.

    Now, we're being vindicated by a national "expert" as ESPN baseball god Buster Olney has gone on record saying the Rangers have the best infield in the majors.

    The column is on the ESPN Insider plan, but basically, it says the left side of the infield with Beltre and shortstop phenom Elvis Andrus are great, and their greatness helped make Ian Kinsler better in 2011 over at second base.

    The promising thing about all of this is that Beltre is the oldest player of the bunch at the ripe old age of 32 — born exactly one year before yours truly.

    Olney also makes an interesting point that the current infield as it stands is great, with Mitch Moreland manning first base, as expected by what club officials keep saying.

    But, what if the Rangers eventually end up landing Prince Fielder similiar to how they signed Beltre late in the free agency game last year?

    "The Rangers' infield would be among the best we've seen in decades," Olney said.

    Look out, baseball.