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Rangers Increasingly Hot Ticket



    When a team wins two straight AL pennants in a town starved for a winner (excluding the Mavericks), funny things happen.

    In the past, if the New York Yankees or Boston Red Sox came to town, there was a pretty solid chance there would be a sellout. Other than that, there was never any concern with parking or being crammed into the stadium.

    Those days are no longer.

    Between the Chicago White Sox and New York Yankees series, there have already been a few sellouts. This weekend with the streaking Tampa Bay Rays coming to town, all three games are limited to standing room and obstructed view tickets, and those are being scooped up quickly.

    Get there early if you're lucky to have tickets. Otherwise, you'll be stuck parking in the Cowboys Stadium parking lot. But don't worry, it won't cost you $80 to park, just the usual $12 for a Rangers game.